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Refund Policy

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[See separate policies for courses, coaching, crammers]


The Organisation values its customers and strives for the highest quality in the delivery of its products. These include online and face to face courses, seminars, one to one coaching and crammers. We ask for feedback and take action if we are informed of weaknesses, inefficiencies or other failings.

This Policy relates specifically to the training products of Corporate Governance Training, a trading name of Corporate Governance Shop Limited. It does not apply to the products of Corporate Governance Shop, such as the supply of staff resources to carry out Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance etc., nor to products of other group companies.


Seminars are events of less than 7 days duration. Refunds shall comply with the following: –

A refund should be requested by email. If requested by telephone, text, fax or other means the request should be confirmed in an email to us or info@CorporateGovernance.Shop

Entitlement to a refund

A refund can be made only if monies have been paid to us: a refund may be made to a customer but not to a prospective customer (see Glossary). There is no entitlement to a 100% refund.

Amount of a refund

A refund calculation follows a formula as follows:-

Within 90 days of the commencement of the seminar the refund entitlement is 90% of the sum paid.
Within 60 days of the commencement of the seminar the refund entitlement is 75% of the sum paid.
Within 30 days of the commencement of the seminar the refund entitlement is nil. This is because all of our costs regarding venue and speakers and other matters will have been committed by us.

EXAMPLE: If a seminar commences 1 February then there is nil refund entitlement after 1 January. Between 2 December and 1 January the entitlement will be 75% of the sum paid. Prior to 2 December the entitlement will be 90% of the sum paid.

There is nil refund entitlement where a customer fails to attend all or any part of a seminar, for any reason.


The payment of a refund will be made as soon as possible after its calculation, and once the recipient’s bank account details are known, or alternatively the postal destination of a sterling cheque is known. Most payment methods are used. We remit in pounds sterling GBP.

www.CorporateGovernance.Online CEO: Roger Clark PIIA FCA Tel: (+44) 0758 287 1143


The term ‘prospective customer’ in this Policy describes a person or entity who is thinking of purchasing a product from us but who has not yet paid any monies to us.

The term ‘customer’ describes an entity or person who has paid some amount of money to us and so is contractually bound by this Refund Policy.